Partnering with educators to provide training in child safety, protection and trauma


Child Protection Education was created after we noticed a gap in child protection training specifically for educators.  As teachers ourselves, we know that educators not only want to understand the theory behind child safety and wellbeing, but also practical strategies that can be put in place in the classroom or early childhood setting.  Our workshops are based on extensive research, using ideas from experts in the fields of psychology, education, child abuse, and trauma.   

  • Very informative session run by the very knowledgeable Merrin and Kim. Very interesting and important to learn to best support students in schools
    — Yarra Ranges SDS teacher
  • I’m so thankful to participate in this training. As a result I’m more aware of child safe and child protection issues. I’m better prepared if a child ever discloses abuse to me, although I hope that never happens
    — Yarra Ranges SDS therapist
  • Whilst the information at times could be confronting, the presenters were respectful of the impact for the audience . Thanks, it was great
    — Yarra Ranges SDS
  • Amazing job on presenting such difficult material in an informative caring way
    — Yarra Ranges SDS
Schools and early childhood centres are most important in abuse prevention and child protection given that staff spend more time with abused and neglected children than anyone outside their immediate family.
— Freda Briggs, AO